“Show Your Work”

A Prompt

This website is the resultant of many internal thoughts and a leading one was motivated by one book.

It’s interesting how a small, innocent-looking book could contain such a powerful message but I have to admit that I’m mesmerised by how much its core message stroke a cord in me. In his book “Show Your Work”, Austin Kleon convincingly explains another way of sharing our world. Beyond successes, people are also deeply interested in process and how other human beings are evolving in their own life and work.

This convinced me to move ahead with building this website.

A Simple, Yet Powerful 10-point List

Austin is in fact very open about his idea and has kindly put on a website ( the main 10 points which his book expands on:

  1. You don’t have to be a genius.
  2. Think process, not product.
  3. Share something small every day.
  4. Open up your cabinet of curiosities.
  5. Tell good stories.
  6. Teach what you know.
  7. Don’t turn into human spam.
  8. Learn to take a punch.
  9. Sell out.
  10. Stick around.

Each of these points instantly rang home, especially the first one. Being someone in academia somewhat put expectations on me about knowing everything: I should know the solution to this equation, I should know how to create a course from scratch, I should know how to supervise other junior researchers, I should know how to create an inspiring and successful research proposal, I should know how to navigate and participate in this complex and tentacular organisation which is the university, I should know how to organise my time and prioritize my tasks, I should… I should… I should

What Austin demonstrates in his book is that there is a way beyond the classic facade of the expert, the one where we share our learning journey with its ups and downs and show how human we are. That’s what connects us to others, rather than the often- scary, authoritative figure of the expert with all the answers and where anyone with any less expertise is supposedly supposed to listen quietly.

This is only his first point. I leave it to you to discover and internalise the nine others 😉

A Journey Together: the Internet and Me

So here we go. The website is up and I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a new blogpost everyday on any topics, mostly my own thought process; with its ups, downs, moments of genius and utter stupidity. I’m convinced this is going to be quite an interesting and rich journey; I’ve already discovered a few things, which I’m sure I’ll share in a future post.

In the meantime, I’m also happy to take comments, feedbacks, or even suggestions for future posts. Can’t promise anything but it could be inspiring to take suggestions from the audience. Thank you for reading this far!

Credits Were It Is Due

I actually discovered this book through another influencer, Ali Abdaal (, who went on a quest to discover the secrets of productivity. His YouTube channel is worth a visit, at least for his contagious energy and passion for learning.

On the topic of productivity, other worthy influencers to check out are Dr Amina Yonis ( and Jade Bowler ( Each has their own specialty and offers insightful tips on how to tackle (and enjoy) this crazy ride which is life.

general announcement

Welcome to my new website

A new home for my research

This website is first and foremost intended to host snippets of my research on power electronics. Future posts will obviously detail more about this aspect. However, I also intend to use this new website as a platform for being more open about my work in general (i.e. teaching, research, admin) but also personal projects and interests (e.g. idea brainstorming, notebook, open-source designs, sharing knowledge). One of the key motives behind creating this platform also lies in sharing my thinking process and making it a central station for my work flow; I have this vision of an extensive dashboard to manage my –numerous– projects.

Third time lucky

I have to acknowledge that this new website does not constitute my first attempt at building up a webpage for my research. The two previous attempts (both abandoned for various reasons and definitely offline) still provided me with plenty of experience into the website world. This new website thus represents the third attempt, mostly motivated by the recent discovery of the book ‘show your work!‘ by Austin Kleon (highly recommended: after a recommendation by the YouTuber Ali Abdaal, specialised on productivity knowledge and tips (

Website in construction

There is obviously lots to be done on this new project, central to my new work flow. I will most likely make mistakes, suboptimal choices, even small and big mistakes, waste time or efforts, repeatedly ask myself why am I doing this is the first place… But all in all, this is a new place to express myself and failing is learning (as long as we acknowledge and learn from those misteps) and what I’m mostly looking for is to share all these (good and bad) steps with the world so we can learn together.

Let’s get to work

So, welcome to my new website. Take a comfy, virtual seat in this corner of the web and happy learning!