Advertised Positions

No advertised position at the moment.

Open Applications

We welcome applications from outstanding and ambitious students, with the potential of becoming extraordinary engineers. Self-applicants must however present a clear research plan and intended financial support. If your applications align with our group’s interests, we will contact you for an interview.

Who Should Apply

We select less than 1% of the applications that we receive, and the main selection criteria are motivation for pwoer electronics and excellence in academic/engineering topics.

Successful applicants have a very diverse background, including engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, etc. Our research group is very diverse for gender, race, nationality, career ambition, etc. We strongly value the diversity in our group, and thus applicants from groups tipically under-represented in academia are strongly encouraged to apply. Find here the minimum entry requirements by country. Being fluent in both spoken and written English is essential.

Informal Enquiries

Informal enquiries (excluding questions on the application process and scholarships) can be sent by email to Dr Michael M.C. Merlin at michael.merlin@ed.ac.uk. Please clearly state your questions in the email and confirm that you have read this webpage and research aspirations of the Modular Power Electronics group. Questions on the application process and scholarships should be directed to the Postgraduate Office of the School of Engineering, EngGradOffice@ed.ac.uk.

Within your enquiry, it is strongly recommended that you attach a detailed CV including all of the following:

  • Details of every qualification
  • Academic career history, including explanation of any gap and interruption
  • Explain any academic success in detail. For example, state how you ranked in your class and of how many students was your class made of; provide factual and verifiable statement of how prestigious are every award you received; state how many people competed for any scholarship you received; etc.
  • If you have published any conference or journal paper, clearly state your contribution
  • State if you intend to self-fund your studies, if you have secured funds from a sponsor (and which one), or which scholarships to you intend to apply for.

Wishing you all the best in your career, hopefully with an opportunity to work together in inspiring power electronics projects!