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Happy New Year and Good Health

As much as 2022 started with good vibes (covid seemed behind us, starting the blog, new projects…), the giddy feelings all came to an abrupt end in February. An unfortunate accident with my bicycle on the way to work resulted in a badly broken elbow and, a couple of weeks later, the world woke up to the abject invasion of Ukraine. The good year wishes didn’t last very long, did it?

Life Goes On and Has So Much to Offer

Nevertheless, obstacles remain just that; obstacles. We stumble on them but we get back up, learn from them, and push forward. After a mentally costly surgery, my arm is on the path of full recovery and mental health keeps its steady ascension from the gloom of 2020.

I am now back on the daily blog and have so many projects to start, share, and thrive on. 2022 may have stumbled a bit in this first quarter but there is so much more to live for; I’m very excited about what’s coming 😀

Closing Words

So, how has the beginning of 2022 been treating you? Any topics you would like to see covered here?

Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow.

general announcement

Welcome to my new website

A new home for my research

This website is first and foremost intended to host snippets of my research on power electronics. Future posts will obviously detail more about this aspect. However, I also intend to use this new website as a platform for being more open about my work in general (i.e. teaching, research, admin) but also personal projects and interests (e.g. idea brainstorming, notebook, open-source designs, sharing knowledge). One of the key motives behind creating this platform also lies in sharing my thinking process and making it a central station for my work flow; I have this vision of an extensive dashboard to manage my –numerous– projects.

Third time lucky

I have to acknowledge that this new website does not constitute my first attempt at building up a webpage for my research. The two previous attempts (both abandoned for various reasons and definitely offline) still provided me with plenty of experience into the website world. This new website thus represents the third attempt, mostly motivated by the recent discovery of the book ‘show your work!‘ by Austin Kleon (highly recommended: after a recommendation by the YouTuber Ali Abdaal, specialised on productivity knowledge and tips (

Website in construction

There is obviously lots to be done on this new project, central to my new work flow. I will most likely make mistakes, suboptimal choices, even small and big mistakes, waste time or efforts, repeatedly ask myself why am I doing this is the first place… But all in all, this is a new place to express myself and failing is learning (as long as we acknowledge and learn from those misteps) and what I’m mostly looking for is to share all these (good and bad) steps with the world so we can learn together.

Let’s get to work

So, welcome to my new website. Take a comfy, virtual seat in this corner of the web and happy learning!