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Already late! Oh well, better than nothing. One of my fears is about writing. I’m sure there is something down in my childhood which triggered that but here we are today with me being a researcher – a job primarily focused on sharing knowledge through writing – being afraid of writing and to a lesser extent reading. Since I’m going through counseling therapy, I’ll have to raise this point with them but for now I’ve decided to take up a new challenge.

Fears and overcoming it

It’s not like I don’t know how to write. If anything, my father massively inspired my learning of language; originally French but this passion for expression must run so deep that it has extended to all languages. This means that my writing is actually far from being bad (if I may borrow the English way of underestimating oneself) but I also suffer from perfectionism syndrome. This leads to me fearing writing anything, especially if shared with others, to the point of freezing in action – or rather right before action – in the silly wait for the perfect words before laying them down. This is in spite of perfectly knowing that (i) perfection doesn’t exist, (ii) any good piece of work is actually the result of numerous iterations, and (iii) I’m well capable of writing (adequately) understandable improvised essays as this quickly-put-together post demonstrates it.

One of the many things that I’ve learned in this life (and far from being the last one) reveals that the ‘fake it till you make it’ does hold some good truth. This idiom often carries a bad vibe but my job as a teacher confirmed by experience that the best way to learn remains to practice and thus ‘doing it’ despite not yet mastering it is a good way of learning it.

‘Write till you make it’

For these reasons, I’ve decided to start a new challenge: I’ll write a blog post everyday on this website and gather more confidence in my writing abilities and hopefully overcoming this writing block which is affecting everyday.

I’m not committing to any posting time (technically already late if my first challenge day was supposed to be Monday!) but consistency remains key in this type of challenges. So I’ll see you around and thanks for reading.

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