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In Search of a Theme

Being close to finish the first week of this challenge, I realise that future blogposts should have a central storyline.

This came to me as I started writing the blog post for today. Understandably, the first question which popped into my mind was “what will I write about today?”. And invariably, the next question is “what will I write about tomorrow?” and by extension the day after, and the day after. Surely, I will run out of ideas.

This is where reasoning comes to help. First, they are numerous examples of great people out there, who keep producing inspiring content everyday (or at least very regularly) on the same theme. Second, this experiment (or blog) will eventually meets its end; whether because I moved on or the fact that ultimately I will pass away! From the latter, I do not need to worry about finding an infinite number of topics to talk about.

The former is more important as it contains the important key: focus on one story and you will never run out of topics to share.

The Clues Are Already There

But then which story to choose?

Well, this is where starting this experiment, even without this prior knowledge could be useful. In life, we often do not know where we want to go until we are already quite a long way along the path. Babies don’t say they want to be a specialist brain surgeon until they have at least understood the concept of what a doctor is. Sometimes, the path is also not that evident to us and we need to take at least a few steps to start seeing the light.

But ultimately we are who we are from our own life experiences and, within the chaos of our random Brownian motion through life, patterns emerge and we should keep an eye for them. Looking back on the first 5 posts of this blog, it now looks evident that what I am after and, most importantly, what I thrive to share is a story of self-improvement out of what has been a long burnout period.

I’m no expert at this but I’m learning and I hope that you will also learn a thing or two from my takes on this self-improvement journey.

Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow.

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